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Sewline Absorbent Fibre Points

$6.00 each

6 x Absorbent Fibre Points to suit the Sewline Aqua Eraser.

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Sewline Air Erasable Fabric Pen

$6.00 each

If you want a fabric marker that gives clear lines that are not furry, do not bleed and can be easily erased this Sewline pen is for you.
The Sewline ink is a special formula that does not bleed and keeps a sharp edged, fine line. The drafting lines will then just vanish into the air over a few days and will not reappear. Lines can also be erased by simply dabbing off with water. This pen has a fine, ceramic rollerball point – not one of those hard, scratchy nylon points.

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Sewline Aqua Eraser

$17.00 each

Getting those drafting lines from fabric has sometimes been a cause of concern when we wanted to get rid of the lines without hurting our fabric. Not any more with the new Sewline Aqua Eraser. It works rather like a fountain pen with a reservoir you simply fill with water or a water and detergent mix.

Your finger pressure on the soft grip then dampens the special soft fibre point. By lightly dabbing or running this point along the line or mark, the special point absorbs the pencil or water-based ink mark. So much quicker and easier than fiddling with a sponge or cloth. When the point of the Aqua Eraser becomes discoloured, simply pull it out and slip in a new point.

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Sewline Fabric Eraser

$5.00 each

The Sewline Fabric Eraser provides a convenient way to erase pencil lines from fabrics. The pen style holder gives accurate control with clear view of masks to be erased. Simply click the clip end to advance eraser to desired length. Large abraded particles ensure they do not get caught in the fabric weave.

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Sewline Fabric Eraser Refills

$4.00 each

2 x Eraser refills for the Sewline Fabric Eraser.

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Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

$8.70 each

This clever glue stick means the end of sewing around pins! A water-soluble blue glue that dries clear is a quick, convenient way to hold fabrics for sewing. Great for quilting and applique work but also for hemming and general sewing. Once glued, the fabric pieces can be pulled apart, so not to worry if they are misplaced or need to be adjusted. Refills available.

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Sewline Fabric Glue Pen Refills

$4.90 each

2 x Glue stick refills for the Sewline Fabric Glue Pen.

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Sewline Fabric Pencil

$15.00 each

The Sewline mechanical fabric pencil with CERAMIC leads gives clear, clean lines that are easily removed with the attached eraser or a damp cloth. No more messy chalk or lines you can’t remove! It is comfortable to use and refills of leads and erasers are readily available. There are 4 lead refill colours to choose from – green white, pink and black graphite. Suitable for use on most fabrics.

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Sewline Fabric Pencil Erasers

$4.00 each

6 x replacement erasers to suit the Fabric Pencil.

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Sewline Fabric Pencil Leads

$7.00 each

6 replacement leads for the Sewline Fabric Pencil and the Sewline Trio.

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Sewline Quick-thru Needle Threader

$19.00 each

Threading very fine needles is now easy with the quickthru Needle Threader. It is designed specifically for those very fine needles (size 9 - 12).
The case slides open to reveal a clever mechanism. Simply insert the fine needle and lay the thread in the groove. Pressing lightly on the lever directs a shaped pin into the thread through the needle eye. Simply slide out the threaded needle.

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Sewline Trio

$18.00 each

A fabric pencil with a unique 360 degree rotating mechanism for three functions in one. The Sewline Trio comes with an 0.9mm black lead for marking on lighter cloth, an 0.9mm white lead for dark cloth and a blank roller for tracing or making indentations on fabric. The pen also comes with a small eraser located underneath the top cover and a soft triangular grip. Convenient lead refills are available in white, pink, green and black graphite so you can tailor the Trio to your own needs.

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